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Anthony Greenfield

Anthony has led major change in a range of industries and countries for over 30 years. He has published two books on Organisational Change - The 5 Forces of Change and 5 Tales of Change - and received a UK National Training Award for his work with Sainsbury's Supermarkets. He has trained hundreds of leaders in change leadership and change management, and is on the Associate Faculty of Leeds University Business School. Anthony combines his practical experiences with theory and best practice to create and deliver courses that are rigorous, engaging and pragmatic - aimed at turning theory into action.

Organisations who have benefited from 'The 5 Forces of Change'

The 5 Forces of Change

- a blueprint for leading successful change

Courses are based on the book 'The 5 Forces of Change'. "The 5 Forces of Change is a master-class on the competencies required to achieve effective change" - Professional Manager Magazine